Monday, March 14, 2011


He stirred in the memories with the cream.


  1. okay... what's he mixing into her drink?
    obviously he's had it with her!

    Love the milk bottle.
    The simple complementary contrast is so solidly painted, but the specifics are loose & gesture~like ---makes it hold really well.
    I like how simple yet complex Edna in the background is...
    I guess life's gonna get even simpler for her soon...

  2. Lovely painting I hope they are good memories he is remembering.

  3. Glass milk bottles!!! They ARE old! Your colors are superb. Love the interior light.

  4. nice muted palette- reflects the rather somber tone well. once again, I really enjoy your economy of brush strokes, esp in that cup and the figure in the background.

  5. Your compositions are getting more complex - along with the story. I like how the path sweeps from the glow of the lamp, catches all the pictoral elements, then lands squarely on the man's face. A few minor players are intriguing – the shading on the lamp base, the reflections in the milk bottle, and the tiny picture on the chest. (Is that a dinosaur?) Love the combination of colors you use to achieve your whites. Nicely done, Alice!