Thursday, September 8, 2011

# 35: " Fallen Plum"

6" x 6" oil on canvas paper

When I get advise, I try to apply it. One piece of advice I got this week was that I should try to crop in more in order to improve my compositions. Another piece of advise was to use a 4" house painting brush with a 6" canvas.....(well the person who gave me that advise is a little off his rocker) and I didn't have a 4" brush on me last night. I did have an old 2" house brush, which I used messily, but what I found in brush collection was a 1-1/2" bright. I can't remember where I got this and I don't remember ever using it before. Here it is with the painting.

I have to admit that I cheated a little in that I used my thumb as well. Well I learned a lot but as you can see see that I still managed to fuss it and I am still planning to try out the 4" brush. By the way plums are plum difficult to paint because there is so little contrast. Then again, I am probably making it too difficult. keep the critiques and advise coming!

1 comment:

  1. Those plums are nice and dark and juicy.
    the cropping works nicely too.
    well done.

    (I really wanna pinch that top plumb)
    (I really do)