Friday, November 18, 2011

# 85: Tomato with Tea

5" x  6" oil on canvas


I decided to give myself a white on white challenge with the tomato as an accent. it very difficult painting reflective white surfaces and I didn't quite capture the form in the tea pot. I am tempted to go back into because it is a cloudy day and photograph will not be possible I decided to hold off on from "fixing" it until the sun shines again.
I was also interested in linking shapes with value more in this composition and to provide the eye a few diagonals to travel on...I don't think that I managed it though. The original looked a bit jumbled.

 and so gave it the good ol crop fix

1 comment:

  1. the crop works well, and calms the battle a bit. Too bad about your signature, though...
    That's pretty luscious white paint you got there, and fairly fun to travel through... glad to have the tomato as visual relief (nicely dulled in the reflections).
    ~~still makes me wonder how many calories are in this painting.