Friday, January 6, 2012

# 118: Festive Slices

6" x 6" oil on canvas

Bid on this painting

I had a lot of fun painting this but could not come up with a creative title.


  1. I saw this on Daily Paintworks and wanted to tell you I think this a beautiful painting!

  2. One of your best! Really! Everything from the composition to the colors to the application. Love the light reflectionson the table.

    how about
    "Some got it, some ain't"


  3. Such a beautiful painting! Love the rich colors, and all the reflections in the bowl.

  4. Wow! Alice, this is terrific! You completely nailed your subject. The variation in colors on the apple skin and flesh are spot on. Certainly one of your best. Congrats! (And carry on!)

  5. This is such a good painting. Love the bowl with it's beautiful colors and so well painted. All the other colors in this painting are yes Festive!

  6. I like this... composition, color, all the triangles and planes...and those little pieces of blue! amazing!