Sunday, February 26, 2012

# 138: Girl in a Kimono

8" x 11"  oil on canvas

Well you can't really tell that it is a Kimono but I feel that this is not too bad for a 3 hour pose. I am tempted to go fix some things now that I see it on the computer but there is always a problem when I strat fixing int aht I will fix it to death. I will see how I feel about it tomorrow.


  1. This is just lovely Alice! Beautiful light on the face and Kimino. The backgroung is superbly understated. I can't see anything you need to fix!

  2. Alice, this is outstanding! Leave it alone! You are amazing.

  3. This is likely the best portrait I've seen you do. The lips are excellent, as is the harmony of all the rest of the head and features.
    It's nice how loosely you handled the kimono and let all that activity just sing background.

    Keep this one at home.


  4. A very charming and lovely picture. The woman has very intense emotions and is mysterious. I really love the flower background. It's exquisite.