Sunday, August 5, 2012

# 197: Pinocchio

6" x 6" oil on canvas

I took on a challenge of distortion through glass with a tight crop where you cannot see the glass. The problem is that there is not enough distortion and through the glass and so who knows what is really going on?


  1. This may well be my favorite Pinocchio!
    I get enough distortion as subtle as it is here to keep me happy; I like the confusion of what's really going on. I love the face, and that nose is very insistent!

    He's thirsty, methinks.

  2. Wow, clear and direct in painting and subject.

  3. I like your Pinocchio series! There is a playful looseness with this composition that makes it very lively. I absolutely LOVE the brush strokes, as well as the highlights on Pinocchio's form. His played legs are funny – like he's thinking about how in the world he's going to manage to stand up.