Monday, February 14, 2011

IF: Sweater

 Another figure study and a potential sweater. The image is copied from a photo out of National Geographic. which was not very inspired. It is a good photo though and made a good subject for study.


  1. you are meant to paint, Alice. I would not touch his head at all. His stomach might be jumping a bit off the page, but everything else is so very well done.

    your brush strokes are working so well in defining planes and a sense of space. well done! each week you just get stronger- can't wait to see what you produce next.

  2. hahahahahahaha
    just LOVE the 'potential sweater'... obviously, they both have different scenarios in mind here.

    BOY: "Ima get me better sweater than mah neighbor Jimmy! ~~den a'll be da stud bud..."

    LAMB: "How nice it is that this boy will carry me over the hill, and spare my weary lamb limbs..."

    Lamb is painted well, and relaxed... I like the splashes of color that sneak in throughout.
    Nice plotting of the overall composition too. Direct and moving.

  3. Potential it! The lamb is my fave..great colors! :)

  4. beautiful, his facial expression is very soulful.

  5. yup.
    the face is more in harmony now.
    bricks are too.
    looks good!

  6. I love that lamb, such a cutie! Thanks Alice, ahh ... the "evergreen," and one of my favorites as well.

  7. Alice - this is terrific! I like everything about it. You made a big leap moving to figurative subjects. John is right - you were mean to paint. Your brush work is marvelous.

  8. I use a lot of pictures out of National Geographic too--it makes me nervous, though, since I know that legally I'm not supposed to. Most of them, though, I think would not be recongized (at least I hope not). This is a fabulous painting. I really like how you've blocked the colors, and the whole thing is beautifully done--natural-seeming.