Sunday, December 11, 2011

# 102: Demure

7" x 9" oil on canvas

To post or not to post that is the question. 
whether it better to wipe off canvas and out of mind
that which is questionable and start anew
or to save and post such efforts as evidence of
a tentative passing?

I have had disappointing figure painting session of late and I haven't been able to figure out where or what the block is. Perhaps I need to use more purple or perhaps I was feeling a bit of pressure due to fact taht the master painter Mian Situ joined our session today. I actually would have been happy spending the three hours just watching him paint and perhaps next time I will do just that. Anyways we were all pretty excited to be painting in the same room with him.

After painting today I went to my friends Mardi Seth's opening at the Huntington Beach library. It was great fun with good art, good company and good eats . So all and all one could not ask for a better day, despite my earlier painting mishap.

Mardi Speth and some of her art


  1. This is a lovely figure study ! I hope you weren't really going to wipe it off ?!?!?!


  2. do a painting.
    see a show.
    chat with friends.
    eat eats.

    you're right, one of the better parts of anyone's week.
    there's a lot of talent floating around lately.


  3. It was very fun and fulfilling to have my friends and family with me for the opening. New inspirations and friendships were forged, so 2012 has good things in store. Thank you for sharing your day with me, Alice!