Sunday, March 18, 2012

#144: Blondi

8" x 11" oil on canvas

A three hour painting session in which time I did not have time to complete the hand. It was an interesting session in that I had not painted a blond before and the skin tones were quite different than what i was used to.

I think that it is better cropped more.



  1. She seems fairly severe, as if she has a heart of glass...
    I think the cropping works better in terms of balance... but your signature is gone now. With the crop, the escaping bird-like flowers create a much better dynamic as we bounce off and around the frame.

    I really like the looseness of those flowers.


  2. Ditto what Rick said. Also, I like the relative flatness and simplicity of her chest and garment, and the chair as well. These, along with the loose flowers, are a nice contrast to the detail and volume you've created in her face and hair.