Saturday, March 31, 2012

#149: Micky's Wild Ride

5" x 5" oil on canvas


  1. He's such a good sport... The indignation he must feel being put in that red demitasse in lieu of his standard teacup is well hidden in that wane smile and his ever present 'come-hither' look.

    My favorite part of the painting is Mickey himself. Both in and out of the pink. Quick and immediate.

    C ya real soon!


  2. Awwww … Richard beat me to it again! I was going to comment about how much I liked the transparency of the red glass, and how you rendered Mickey in/ through it. I guess it doesn't hurt to hear it again! This was a bit of a discovery item for me, as at first, seeing the green glass, I liked how you handled the color here ... with square chunks. It's a bit blockier than how you usually paint, and a nice effect. I thought the 'Mickey through the glass' was interesting repetition, before I recognized his lower half. Looks like he's ready to lay some love on anyone who gets too close.