Sunday, May 22, 2011

Blue Bottles, White Roses

I have been eying the white blooms around town for a couple weeks now and I had to paint I borrowed a stem.


  1. so THAT'S where my white roses went!!!

    -as minor as it may seem, the effortless reflections and shadows are a joy. As are the tucks of green in the roses.
    Interesting off-purple background to set off the blues and greens.
    White on white is always a challenge; well met Alice!


  2. Very nice Alice! I like the brush strokes on the bottles and their highlights, and seeing the stems within the dark blue bottle. I have these roses in my front yard (don't tell Rick) and love how, when they drop their petals in the breeze, it appears to be snowing. Roses are the toughest flower to draw, much less paint. Bravo for you!