Monday, May 30, 2011

IF: Asleep

This was a quickie..but I think that it is done. I know that I need to work on the contrast but I am afraid to work on it any more so I decided to leave it for a while and post it as is.
James really posed for me this time. At the moment, I find painting from life is so much more satisfying then painting using a photo reference.


  1. Quickie or not, you're a master at laying down color that's not fully mixed which makes your work wonderfully impressionistic and infinitely interesting. Your anatomy is always on the mark - James' face is perfect. It's lovely, Alice.

  2. I want to see these paintings in person! There are some great, subtle color modulations in the piece, very beautiful. The head a face are a wonder to me because its so personal to your son and the structure is strong.

  3. Beautiful...your work has a beautiful realism, but retains that impressionistic feel...really lovely!

  4. wonderful!I love the brush marks.

  5. Aside from the fine brushwork, it's a really nice juxtaposition of rectangles upon rectangles with an oval in the upper right sucking you in.
    Even on quickie your sneaky colors are always a nice treat to uncover.

    ~~I like painting from life as well, it makes you a more impressive translator.