Tuesday, May 10, 2011

IF: Beginner

For Illustration Friday the word is beginner...and there is nothing more frightening then a beginner driver.  James had to get in the drivers seat...one of these days i will let him shift out of park.

This painting is still pretty rough. Really. It ain't done yet. I didn't even crop the image. I wanted to show some process.


  1. i still shudder when remembering the first days my daughter was driving the minivan... she tended to find the ditch on the side of the road a little too often! Car interiors are tough. I'm curious to see how you will edit the detail.

  2. I like your painting just the way it is, Alice. No refinements needed. The seat belt says it all - as do the eyes, which seem to be on the radio instead of the road. You'll be sporting a few gray hairs in the coming months. Godspeed to you both!

  3. Yeah, I think the face is done; loose and specific as is. Just editing the issues mentioned and you're good to go.
    ~~Must have been a chore to paint while sitting in that tiny passenger seat. Did you take your seatbelt off?


  4. I like the loose, soft,feel. The piece has strong shapes and color. Maybe just a bit of detail to finish? A nice piece. My 13 year old daughter is talking about driving in a few years. I share the same fears.