Monday, June 6, 2011

IF: Shadow

I am attempting a self portrait. It is not done yet, but I decided to post the first sage. The eyes are a bit high ( funny to make such a common mistake)


  1. yes.
    the eyes are a bit high... crowds the cranium area, and shrinks the size the brain could be... ~~maybe why you made such a common mistake?

    I like where it's going as a first stage. The shadows you're attempting are not easy to do yet they are coming along well so far. I think the lip forms are pushing out well also.
    it would be nice if you would show this painting as it evolves: maybe as two or three more stages to your final.


  2. “A portrait is a painting with something wrong with the mouth.”

    Funny how we see ourselves so differently than others see us. True, I recognize the likeness, but not the Alice. I'm not so sure I agree that the eyes are too high- it might be interesting to take a more expressionist approach and push eyes a bit higher.

  3. Alice, I am so happy to see these paintings each week problems or no problems. It seems that making work is facing yourself in eye and choosing to keep plugging away at it no matter where it leads you.

  4. I agree with Mike - I recognize the likeness, but there is a brightness and vitality that's missing. A bit more contrast is needed to see the Alice I know ... lighter skin and darker hair. Cooler tones. Still, this is a terrific image. Your ability to paint the human form keeps me in awe.