Thursday, June 16, 2011

IF: Windswept

I thought that I would paint clouds this week..something easy I thought. Found that they were not so easy, at least to paint with oils.


  1. Very nice composition. I like how the kite is perfectly positioned to draw the viewer in.

  2. and yet, they look like they were done with ease...
    I think you did a really good job where the intense light hits them on the left and turns the corner to the shade. Gives them a solid form, and the white feels light and fluffy; as well, that intense white is a nice counterweight to the heavier blue patch and pines.

    the wistful kite is a nice touch.


  3. Nice clouds! They look both voluminous and whispy. I like how you've caught the light and gradated the blue sky. I can feel the wind in this piece, Alice, but I better grab a jacket because the air is still a bit crisp.