Sunday, June 12, 2011

sitting gal

Another painting from a 3 hour sitting. much better then last week. I don't know if I will be attempting another self-portrait any time soon. is strange how many things in painting become much clearer after I upload it. The lower left corner feels like it was left behind the rest of the painting..and event he thought he hand is behind the head, I need to something more to articulate it.


  1. you're right.
    your people are more solid and confident... (certainly not bashful)
    you do a good job with the skin, keeping it loosely tight on the face, and simple for the chest and arm... I don't really have any issue with the lower left corner, I like the reflected flesh tones on the chair.


  2. This is just lovely, Alice. The skin tones are terrific – and lively – on an otherwise quiet composition. The small pop of blue on the fabric in the lower left corner is a nice contrast and pulls the eye back through the composition. I like the overall softness of this piece.

  3. The piece looks very confident in the handling of all the elements. With all your paintings I marvel at the use of brushstrokes, value, and temperature change that you use to realize form. The quiet softness of this piece is very engaging.

  4. Bravo! I like the contemplative look of the female and especially the black silhouette at top, which contrasts nicely with the flesh tone.