Sunday, July 10, 2011

3 hour pose: Man with Big Ears

Another 3 hour pose...the eyes appear a bit high, but this guy really had very little in the way of a forehead and his ear was very large...i needed more time to get to get it right as always


  1. Brushstrokes and structure working together. I'm liking the movement of color, in the face, from yellow to orange to red then the use of cool color to turn the form: the piece has the art spirit in it.

  2. I like your Prince Charles!
    ...and of course I don't have any problem with the eyes edging up the haed; likely looks more like the sitter because of that liberty.
    My favorite area is the nose and mouth. Real solid, strong form... it's trying to escape out the picture plane.

    you've been warned.


  3. this is really great!
    i like looking at the actual size of the painting and seeing your brush strokes.
    the portrait also has personality and seems like it is telling a story about a poor, overworked corporate man. i don't know if that was the intent, but overall i'm really liking this!

  4. The mix of colors in the face are wonderful, Alice. Combined with your brush strokes, they work well to bring liveliness to this portrait. I especially like the highlights – over his right brow, on the nose, and the vertical mark on his cheek. I agree with Jane, he seems a bit beaten down. Probably just got a pink slip.