Tuesday, July 19, 2011

IF: Gesture

Flowers are a nice gesture. I pushed the brush work and the color. not much else to say except that this was much more fun than the previous painting.


  1. In both the last two posts I'm enjoy the way the color is used. In the small object the color of the shadows are great. In this piece the move from warm to cool inside a hue family is terrific.

  2. Added to what Bill's saying above, I like the cast shadows here as well. I'm also fond of the simple gestural supporting buds in the back of the vase... that table cloth is interesting... are getting a hankering for the chess pieces of old?
    colors are chosen well.


  3. I think the more fun you have while creating, the better the end result. There's something about being 'in the flow' that puts good energy into the piece. Ditto Rick's comment, although I'm enjoying the color and highlights on the vase and find the softness (and color mix) of the supporting bud and leaf very intriguing.

  4. I think we have the same flowers Alice! Very nice, balanced composition. Love those flowers.