Tuesday, July 5, 2011

IF: An Apple a Day

I may be over doing the fruit here, but you know what they say about an apple a day and so it just worked out that way.


  1. A good apple painting also may keep away the doctor..love your lemon painting as well..doing fruit well IMO is the mark of a great artist..it is so hard to get right.

  2. A real painter at work!
    Very nice.

  3. Red apple number 2.
    ~~the best one.
    that apple scruff is well done also.

    so many apple paintings... ~~makes me feel guilty when I look at them on a PC.


  4. Yes! the form and color working together: beauty in the everyday object. Alice your on a roll!

  5. Nice apples! Love the two green ones.

  6. Really nice capture of light, volume and diversity, Alice. The highlights on all are delectable. I'm ready to chomp into the foremost Fiji – and I typically don't enjoy apples!