Tuesday, August 30, 2011

#27: IF-Disguise-"Kiwi Surprise"

6" x 6" oil on canvas paper

The Kiwi seems to be a fruit in disguise. Within it's egg-shaped and fuzzy brown exterior is a sweet and tangy surprise.
I decided to push color and it might have gotten a little out of hand.  Magenta is just so much fun, but perhaps some more practice with a limited palette would be better.


  1. Well, I like your magenta. It is fun and makes the glass stand out just perfectly.

  2. I like this palette and I like 'pink' paintings..even though I can see it's not..it does have the appearance of a limited palette, therefore a successful one IMO..Yes Kiwis are disguised..they are beautiful inside.

  3. Yes, that background is VERY insistent.

    But it's not really much of a problem for me, I really like the kiwi on top ~it's painted with intuition, it seems. The background really helps that sour green on the cut kiwi look accurate and tangy.



  4. More wonderful work. There is an ease to the work that is refreshing, not labored, as the color and form are working together. You are revealing the delight of the small matters.