Wednesday, August 10, 2011

# 7: "Onion Rings"

6" x 6" oil on canvas paper

I cut up the onion form the previous painting and cried all the way through.   This painting was fun despite the tears. I did a tonal painting first with burnt sienna and then painted over it after it had dried a little. You can still see some of the under painting which was my goal or proof that I wasn't over fussing it. I also focused on integrating the negative space more. There is a bit of a compositional issue...unbalanced to the right and I still need to push the contrasts.

Thanks for the magenta Mardi!


  1. Nice and immediate brushstrokes!
    I like the shadows too...


  2. I have been looking through your blog and it's a pleasure to look at your paintings. I like the way you model with wider colour plains and your pallette is always spot on. I chose to write next to this one as I like it,s abstract qualities.

  3. I really like both this onion and the one before. This just has such a nice quality about it. Love the colors.