Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Self portrait study

OK this isn't done yet. I was having major issues...better then last time...though the mouth and nose need work.


  1. Nice. Very Stanley Spencerish! I'm sure when you come back to this in a couple of days you'll find a few quick editorial touches that will pop it into place- in the meantime- it does everything a self-portrait should do; it gives us a likeness, lets us take a narrow glimpse of how one sees oneself and witnesses to the air, the light and the mood of this particular present moment. lovely painting, Alice!

  2. Good structure and form, I like the tension between the eyes in the forehead, I feel your intense looking.

  3. It's certainly on its way, and does a good job of carrying out your expression and mood. Mouth seems fine, and I agree, maybe a bit here and there on the nose.
    ~~But the hard part, the statement of personality, is there ~and that's often the part that eludes portrait painters.
    nice work.

    (Don't let your own critical stare make you nervous as you work on yourself)...