Sunday, October 2, 2011

# 53: Ridges

6" x 8" oil on canvas
So many ridges in this and so many opportunities to over work it (which I did).  One of the most difficult things about painting is reducing all the visual information down to what is essential and to suggest with less. I may have bit off more then I could chew with the fabric, but I was inspired by some Carol Marine paintings to try it.

I tried something different, based on the DPW weekly challenge, which is that I started with a pretty intense ground color...a manganese violet and I tried to keep from going over all of allow it to show through. It worked in the places where I was not stressed..but that darned squash had me again. I swear that I had a harder time painting that little fella then a portrait and so we will seeing it again again until I "get it".

I also worked on having a dominant color (light blue) and a dominant value (light), however the composition is not quite balanced..I think that I need some darker areas under the squash on the right.


  1. Hi Alice, Found your blog from DPW. I love this. The scarf is so lovely and I don't think your glass is overworked. Everything works so well together. Love your paintings and your blog.

  2. What a challenge this one is/was! Between the fabric pattern, and the ridges on the glass and pumpkin, it looks like a real crazy maker. Yet you handled it very well. I really like the bits of violet showing through. The overall effect is very lively and a visual delight.

  3. This is a lovely painting. The bowl and squash look fantastic on the scarf!