Thursday, August 25, 2011

# 22: " Odd One Out"

6" x 6" oil on canvas paper

This time i took a photo of the piece...rather then scanning it. The colors come out much richer.
I am finding the painting a day to be revealing on many levels. yesterday I did not get to start  painting till it was late...9:00 and I dragged my feet because I was not " in the mood". Good thing that I am not allowing myself any excuses, because I actually fell into and had fun ..until the end when I really started getting sleepy.

In regards to the composition, the green apple is too far to the left. I have to watch my borders, especially since I tape then off. in regards to the value, i could have pushed the value contrast in the apples more, but over all I am OK with it.

1 comment:

  1. nice.
    I like the fuzzy edges as they contrast with the sharp tonal patches on the forms.

    I'm fine with the green apple.
    ~it's not easy being green.