Saturday, January 28, 2012

#126: A Tart Conversation

6" x 6" oil on canvas

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I am not sure about this composition. The focal point was supposed to be centered in the middle of the group, but I think that the attention ends up at the lower right. I really laid on the paint this time in order to keep the yellows pure.


  1. the most successful part of this painting is how shiny the lemons are, You've done well in communicating that hard sheen fresh lemons have.
    reflections are fun as usual...


  2. My eye went to the centre first because of the strong contrast in tones. I think you did succeed in having the centre as the point of interest.
    Love the colours, reflections and juicy brushstrokes!

  3. maybe because the lemon's tip (sorry, we don't have lemons this side of the world, don't know what to call it) on the lower right side is more prominent, hence making that portion look heavy, and the attention is drawn to that side. but just keep the paintings coming. :)