Sunday, April 22, 2012

# 159: Strawberry Hill

6" x 6" oil on canvas

The pic is not ideal, since I took it after the sun went down. This was a fun painting. The reds where challenge, but I like how the strawberry in front turned out. That is a good thing, since it is the focal point.


  1. that forward strawberry is beautiful; as is the bowl's reflection!

    very nice.


  2. I love these strawberries. Your colors are wonderful.
    I saw this on DPW and came on over to see the rest of your work.
    A pleasure!

  3. Oh yum! One of my favorite fruits! (but where's the chocolate?) This is nicely done all the way around, Alice. I like the lighting drama, as it creeps in from the upper left and how the white reflection on the tabletop leads the viewer to the main attraction. Oh great, now I'm starting to salivate.