Thursday, July 12, 2012

# 187: Light Show

7" x 5" oil on canvas

This was interesting in that there was almost now form shadow and so value shifts are quite subtle


  1. Love that forward bulb. It's so solid and thick! ~~almost looks edible.

    and yes, nice subtle shifts.
    very cool.

  2. Terrific use of color. Rick's right the painting makes my mouth water with its richness and flow.

  3. Another gorgeous painting... so translucent and light!

  4. This is a powerful still life. I rarely click on paintings but this one pulled me in with its complimentary color scheme, and that vibrant blue glass. Nice.

  5. Beautiful, minimal brushwork and color! The complimentary contrast is very rich and juicy. the color scheme compliments the light bulbs perfectly, which appear quietly captive in their subtle neutrality. Really nice, Alice!