Friday, September 9, 2011

# 36: "Circling"

6"x 6" oil on canvas paper


I am still experimenting with the larger brush, but I need a brush that is less bristlely and that will allow me to lay down the paint smoothly. I found another artist that I really like and though he not painting anymore due to the fact he is now attending medical school, his work is very inspirational. His name is Aaron Lifferth and here is his blog He uses water color brushes and gets a beautiful smooth finish, so I think that I will give it a shot.

About the painting. I set up the oranges on a brown fabric and I knew that it would be trouble. How to make brown interesting? At the end I started to figure it out. you need to attack form both ends, warm and cool and avoid an actual brown...... but then I ran out of time. I do like the way the oranges turned out, though the texture of the brush work is a bit much. I smoothed out the background with a softer brush, but not the oranges. It probably should have been the other way around.


  1. It's a small area, but I like the distortion of the back orange through the glass...
    might be interesting to see more of that in the future.

    The brown in playful, ~~which saying a lot for most browns.


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  3. Beautiful- this one and previous -risky compositions that snatch themselves from the brink of disaster and somehow manage to to levitate while still maintaining a sense of solidity and unity. Love the juiciness of these- (off his rocker?)