Wednesday, October 5, 2011

# 56: Totally Radish

6" x 6" oil on canvas

These radishes used to have lovely leafy greens...but they had rotted while they had waited patiently to be painted ( I was stuck on squash). So I discarded the greens and set the little fellas up for a painting anyways.  I loved the color of the radishes, their funky shapes and curly little roots. The problem is, who would know that they are radishes. Thus the title of the painting.


  1. This one is really nice. I like it best of everything you are currently showing.

  2. Love the colours you've used in this painting. The brushstrokes are so painterly !


  3. one of my favorites, so far Alice. serene. a very quiet, contained energy. stable and solid. really digging it.

  4. Love the colors and brushwork of your paintings. Really nice!!

  5. i LOVE the colors in this painting. i also love the composition. i love everything about it. it really is a totally radish painting!