Thursday, October 13, 2011

#63: Lucky Dice

6" x 6" oil on canvas

This was a second attempt of the same set up. I decided to tone down the color for a while and work on using neutrals. White on white is a bit tricky.


  1. Tricky but nice. I like the angularity on all the forms, nice echo of the dice in the cup. I also like the tiny die reflection on the upper mug.

    Very colorful whites you have.


  2. With such a tight value range you created wonderful forms and beautiful color. I like the tension in the painting.

  3. Love the neutrals and how you added the splashes of color with the underpainting and around the painting. Very nice!!

  4. I am liking your reduced palette here, Alice. Restrained, yet it still pops with color. Really, really like the muted warm gray bowl as a focal point within the composition.

  5. beautiful! i really love your painting style
    and like mr. ewing mentioned, the die reflection is a really fun and nice touch.