Saturday, December 31, 2011

# 113: A Lesson

6" x 6" oil on canvas

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I painted this a few days before coming down with a nasty cold. I had every intention of painting everyday this week but I just can't focus on a painting when I am sick. Posting this today I can see that I was just not altogether there when I painted this and I remember my interest puttering out in the end.


  1. You may have learned a lesson, but why does Pinocchio have to do the timeout?
    Maybe 'cause he didn't finish spelling "APPLES" in a timely fashion...

    Still and all, I like your cast shadows and reflections; composition is nice, and the colors play nicely together. You're too tough on yourself.

    ...nice looseness to the letterforms too.


  2. Alice, I just love this piece! Also #108 and #109. together they make a great series. Your loose brush strokes, highlights and value contrasts are working together making the forms really pop dimensionally.

    Hahaha! Rick's comment is very funny ~ and poignant too, as there is a sense of story.