Saturday, December 3, 2011

# 96: Quarantined Pear

5" x 5" oil on canvas 


I have been feeling pressured  because I want to photograph the paintings under day light. These days I have less and less time to complete a painting. It could be a good thing, in that I could be less apt to over work a painting, but unfortunately I tend to panic. Optimistically, I am confident  that I will get better at dealing with the time limitations as the winter progresses.

As always, I love painting golden pears and I think that the color harmony is OK. I did struggle with the half tone areas.....and  painted them in and out numerous times.


  1. I know what you want to say, with the days which shorten, I have the same apprehensions. Here, the sun lies down at 6:00 pm now; I like your pears, the jar, and I prefer the 2nd square cropping, there is more an impression of distance between the 2 pears.

  2. nice parsing out of that green throughout the painting: Background, pear core shadow, glass, cast shadow... holds it all together, the stems make me very happy, they seem so effortless... was that the case?
    half tones are fine too.

    now I'm hungry.

    can you paint some sukiyaki next?

  3. Masterful, and that line of pink! Wow, this one makes me smile :)

  4. This is especially impressive when I noticed the size! It's so tiny an so perfect!