Monday, November 14, 2011

# 83: Three to One

6" x 6" oil on canvas


I was very limited on time with this one...sometimes that helps keep me form over working the painting, but this time I spent too much time spinning my wheels trying to get the values on the tomatoes. I do find the reds of tomatoes very difficult for some reason. I find stems difficult as well and so I will just have to try again. 


  1. You may find them difficult because their red is veering more towards orange, and the deep darks possible with the cooler reds are simpler to do, and play nicely with the mid and light values. I find it more difficult to darken and dull my oranges without veering into muddy browns, which can deaden the punch of the form.

    That being said the way you've handled the forms and the brush strokes feels good, and the pale blue background is a good call, and nice and simple.


  2. A lovely painting Alice ! I think you handled the tomatoes very well indeed. It doesn't look like you had any difficulty with those stems at all. :-)